A Future that Works

Economic disruption—the fading of old products, industries, and jobs in favor of new ones—has always been part of the American experience. Yet as everything else has changed, the laws, policies, and support structures that protect and promote American workers remain relics of a bygone era. New Democrats believe that as the nature of work continues to change, we can no longer rely on outdated systems and institutions to prepare and protect our workers. It is critical that we think and act now to ensure that all Americans have the opportunity to succeed in the changing economy. We need to close the skills and opportunity gap, rethink the relationship between employers and workers and empower workers and entrepreneurs.


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Oct 2, 2018 Press Release

The New Democrat Coalition’s Future of Work Task Force released the second report in the new economic opportunity agenda: A Future that Works. The report, Creating a 21st Century Social Contract, outlines policy recommendations to create a social contract that works for the future. The policy recommendations include updating the social contract by creating an option of portable benefits, modernizing the worker safety net, and expanding eligibility for these protections and programs.

We need a new social contract that is: