New Democrat Coalition Members Oppose Speaker Ryan’s Plan to Repeal ACA

Jan 13, 2017
Press Release

Instead, New Democrat Coalition Members are committed to bipartisan cooperation to improve the ACA.

Today, 30 New Democrat Coalition Members sent a letter to Speaker Ryan strongly opposing his plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Access to lifesaving health care is not a partisan issue, and any improvements to the ACA will only occur through bipartisan cooperation.

Instead of repealing the ACA, New Dems urge Speaker Ryan to work across the aisle to make constructive improvements to expand access to regular care to even more people. Beyond the direct benefits of expanded coverage, a healthy workforce enables entrepreneurs to start new businesses without worrying about access to health care coverage.

“The Affordable Care Act has brought reliable health care coverage to millions of Americans and we need to work across the aisle to find ways to reduce health care costs for Americans.” said New Democrat Coalition Chair Jim Himes (CT-04). “Instead of repealing the ACA, New Democrats are open to working with Speaker Ryan to make constructive improvements that will reduce health care costs for families and seniors while also reducing the burden of health care for small businesses. A healthy workforce means a more productive workforce that more effectively builds our economy and solidifies America’s place as the engine of the world economy.”

Improvements to the Affordable Care Act should reduce health care costs for families and seniors, invest in prevention, increase choices for consumers, streamline regulations, reduce burdens for small businesses, and encourage participation by the young and healthy. New Dem Members have been working on bills to improve the ACA so that all Americans can have access the health care they need.

A copy of the letter can be found here.