What They’re Saying About the New Democrat Coalition Economic Opportunity Agenda: A Future that Works

May 31, 2018
Press Release

The New Democrat Coalition, through the leadership of the NDC Chair Jim Himes and the Future of Work Task Force Co-Chairs Bill Foster, Seth Moulton, and Jared Polis, unveiled the Economic Opportunity Agenda: A Future that Works, which lays out policy priorities that will help make sure our workers are prepared for the jobs of the future. The report released today, Closing the Skills and Opportunity Gaps, is the first in a series focused on expanding opportunities in the changing economy.

Senators, think tanks, and organizations have a lot to say about the New Democrat Coalition agenda already. See more here or below:

“I commend the House New Democrat Coalition for focusing on the changing nature of work and for proposing new ideas on how to prepare Americans for jobs in a 21st century economy. I look forward to working with them to advance policies that support an innovative and inclusive workforce."‎ ‎

  • Senator Mark Warner (D-VA)

"As the country deals with epic disruption wrought by the digital revolution, the New Democrat Coalition is bravely charting a path forward. Their Economic Opportunity Agenda is the future-oriented approach that we need to ensure that everyone, everywhere has the opportunity to earn a good life. This is the leadership that the country needs."

  • Gabe Horwitz, Vice President for the Economic Program, Third Way

“This new work from the New Democrats is thoughtful, comprehensive, serious – exactly the kind of thinking that will be required if we are to help more Americans succeed in the more competitive economy of the 21st.”

  • Simon Rosenberg, President of NDN

“The pace of economic change and occupational disruption is likely to grow, in part due to the emergence and deployment of new technologies.  Compared to many of our major global competitors, U.S. policy to help workers successfully navigate more turbulent labor markets is woefully underdeveloped.  The New Democrat Coalition’s Economic Opportunity Agenda addresses these challenges head on and should serve as a blueprint for Congressional action to address the challenge.”

  • Robert D. Atkinson, Ph.D., President, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

“The New Democrats have put forward a creative, innovative agenda that is both pro-growth and aimed at giving American workers what they want and deserve: a path to upward mobility in well-paying private-sector jobs.”

  • Will Marshall, President of the Progressive Policy Institute

"NewDEAL Leaders across the country recognize how the changing nature of work is transforming their communities and they have committed to providing the education and training opportunities necessary for workers to get the skills they need. We applaud the efforts by the New Democrat Coalition and the recommendations released today, which would greatly boost state and local governments ability to expand opportunity for more people in the new economy."

  • Debbie Cox Boltan, Executive Director of NewDEAL

“Workforce retraining and life-long learning are national imperatives that require immediate attention.  There are more than 3 million open STEM jobs across the country, and that number will only continue to grow as more industries become digitalized. Technology like artificial intelligence will transform the way we do work. To ensure American workers are equipped with the right skills to fill those roles, we need to invest in workforce training. These white papers by the New Dems are a good starting point to begin a serious discussion on how we do that. We thank the New Dems for their thoughtful ideas on this important issue.” 

  • Dean Garfield, president and CEO of the Information Technology Industry Council

“By identifying the key challenges that contribute to the skill and opportunity gaps, and proposing an array of specific policy responses, the New Democrats have made a major contribution to meeting the mounting challenge of ensuring that all Americans are prepared for the future.  As the coalition correctly point out, reform and modernization of America’s education system is the key to success.  Making first-class education more accessible and affordable, ensuring that academic curricula incorporate the skill needs of 21st-century businesses, providing greater work/study opportunities, and cultivating a culture of life-long learning and training are the critical elements of a successful national strategy.”

  • John R. Dearie, President of the Center for American Entrepreneurship

“The story of franchising has been one of opportunity, job creation and community support. Americans from all walks of life turn to franchising to find first jobs, start new businesses and learn skills that lead to successful careers in many highly-skilled industries.  We appreciate that New Democrat Coalition is taking a thoughtful approach to workforce development policy that aims to close the skills and opportunity gaps in the economy, including through upskilling and apprenticeship programs that create a pathway for Americans to have robust and successful careers. Franchise businesses have apprenticeship and workforce development programs in place and continue to work hard to help their franchisees address an emerging shortage of skilled workers, but these efforts could be accelerated across the franchise sector if Congress provided legal certainty on the joint employer issue.”

  • Matt Haller, International Franchise Association, SVP of Government Relations & Public Affairs

“The New Dems have offered practical solutions that small business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives have been demanding. It’s no surprise so many New Dem members were successful in business before they came to Washington. Best of all, they’ve offered solutions that both Democrats and Republicans should support.”

  • Jim Doyle, President of Business Forward