Housing Task Force

Co-Chairs: Representatives Denny Heck, Katie Hill, and Ben McAdams

The Housing Task Force was convened in March 2017 to look at the entire housing ecosystem and identify solutions to rising housing costs. It builds on previous New Dem efforts to devise reforms to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but it covers the full scope of federal housing policy, including housing subsidies offered through HUD and incentives in the tax code. The Task Force may also make findings and propose reforms relevant to state, local, and regional levels. The Housing Task Force conducts its work through briefings and meetings with stakeholders, economists, academic experts and policymakers. 

The New Democrat Coalition believes access to affordable housing is paramount to the economic security of American families. Unfortunately, housing is increasingly unaffordable because prices and rents are rising faster than wages because construction is not keeping up with demand. The high cost of shelter is the single biggest squeeze on household budgets and a significant draft on the economy. It is forcing Americans to live on the street, reducing GDP by trillions of dollars, substantially reducing Americans’ retirement savings, and undermining our ability to recover from recession. 

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